PACEM’s year-round team provides ongoing connections for clients and partners. Winters are the “busy” season, and the summer months are spent reflecting, assessing, and preparing for what’s next. Learn more about our seasonal staff needs here.

Jayson Whitehead, Executive Director

Jayson Whitehead joined PACEM as its Executive Director in 2017, and has worked with us since 2010. He brings logic and creativity to the leadership of our organization, ensuring we navigated the pandemic with our client’s needs foremost in the conversation.

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Liz Nyberg joined PACEM as a Case Manager in 2017 and became its Operations Manager during the pandemic. She’s a systems thinker, the “architect” behind our programs, and keeps all our ducks in as much of a row as possible.

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Heather Kellams joined PACEM as our Women’s Case Manager in September 2019. She brings pizzazz and professionalism in equal measure, ensuring every client recognizes their power.

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Sauda Mensah joined PACEM as our Seniors Case Manager in October 2020. She is a fierce advocate for her clients to rebuild their independence in the shelter or in the community.

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