Community Groups

Community Groups: Let’s Work Together

Community groups and schools support PACEM with collection drives for needed shelter items such as twin sheets, blankets, ear plugs, socks, and cough drops. Community groups often serve a dinner over the holidays.

Alpha Phi Omega (APO), co-ed service fraternity at UVA, regularly assists our host congregations in setting up and breaking down the sites. They are also preparing and serving meals for our guests this season.

Charlottesville Catholic School and Covenant School students have regularly conducted collection drives and scheduled time for a class to lend support to projects during the school day.  Students have helped with sorting and folding shelter laundry, packaging personal hygiene items, and labeling newsletters. Last season, the CCC issued a snow angel challenge to help raise funds for PACEM.

Tandem Friends School participated many winters with their gym serving as a men’s shelter site.  This was a student service project which involved many students and families.  Serving as a shelter site builds a greater understanding of what it means to serve your community and builds compassion for our vulnerable neighbors.

shoesArea restaurants and businesses have contributed to our guests. Through W.E. Brown’s Giving Back campaign, PACEM was featured on Newsplex this season. Last season, Chick-fil-A, Miller’s, Shebeen, and Christian’s Pizza all provided dinner at our sites. Sweethaus regularly gives cupcakes so that we can celebrate our guests’ birthdays. Ten Thousand Villages annually donates a portion of their proceeds from holiday sales to PACEM. Thanks to 89till, we were able to supply more than 40 men and women with gently used Nikes and Adidas.

For other ways you can support PACEM, click on Support PACEM or contact our Program Director at or 434-973-1234 ex. 114, and let us know how you’d like to help.