Seniors Experiencing Homelessness

Homelessness hits hard: research shows that a 50-year-old individual experiencing homelessness is the geriatric equivalent of a 70-year-old who is housed. And, unfortunately, our homeless population is ageing.

senior in a homeless shelter at dinner covering face with hand
Income Development

We recognize that not every senior coming into our shelter is ready for a one-time support. To that end, PACEM employs at least one SOAR-certified staff member to assist individuals in the disability application process; learn more here. Our full team of case managers also refer guests to longer-term housing subsidies and programs.

Secure Seniors Program

In 2018 PACEM and AIM partnered to provide dedicated funding and post-housing counseling for our oldest shelter guests. Our shelter case workers screen each guest and screen referrals from community providers like PATH (street outreach) and our partner shelter, The Salvation Army.

Qualifying shelter guests who have identified a unit with their case manager receive the following supports through SSP:

  • $700 toward the first month’s rent
  • $700 toward the security deposit
  • 12 months of case management to navigate the transition
Become Our Partner!

We are so grateful to our community of supportive landlords. Do you have a unit on the market? Please consider joining our effort to re-house our oldest shelter guests in safe and stable environments. For more information, email PACEM staff.

Senior guest at Premier Circle