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ORDER PACEM’s 12-month 2023 CALENDAR, featuring butterflies by local photographer Henry Strauss.

Take a look at this slideshow to learn more about our work at Premier Circle (updated 9/10/2022).

11/30/2022: PACEM has been privileged to serve our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by staffing and operating a series of hotel/motel-based shelter programs for our most vulnerable neighbors. We are in the midst of a new transition: the closure of Premier Circle in anticipation of groundbreaking for a new low-income housing complex, slated to begin in Spring 2023. As a result, we have closed enrollments to this shelter site to focus on positive exits for those we continue to serve through next April.

There is general consensus in our community that a permanent low barrier shelter is needed. The Salvation Army is our lone year-round shelter, and as necessary and a crucial piece as they are, they breathalyze and drug test which disqualifies the individuals PACEM was created to serve. Until three years ago, PACEM was only open for a maximum of 24 weeks during the coldest part of the year but there is never a good time to sleep on the streets.

We welcome the chance to imagine our own future as an organization. We have come a long way from the partnership between faith organizations and emergency responders that led to a church opening its doors in November 2004 to welcome in strangers.

PACEM’s role in this safety network remains constant: our programs alleviate the challenges of homelessness through compassionate support, relationship building, and facilitation of services. The pandemic showed how adaptable we are as a service provider, and how essential. Thank you for your continued support of PACEM throughout this next transition.