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Faith Communities: Becoming a PACEM Shelter Partner

20190212 PACEM at Wesley803Most congregations begin with discussing how they would like to be involved in assisting homeless individuals in our community. They often begin with a presentation, with a special collection to support our shelter ministry, or by becoming a Shelter Partner.

Projects can include learning about PACEM and homelessness and making a presentation to your congregation. A PACEM staff or board member may be invited to speak and answer questions during this time.

Another option is organizing a special collection or offering and donating the proceeds. Regular giving by congregations, social mission collections, and special collections sustain our shelters year after year. Even a small worship group can join together with other congregations and take up a collection as winter days come upon us. For support, contact PACEM’s staff.

Becoming a PACEM shelter partner is a great way to take a further step in a homeless ministry. Contribute by serving a meal at one of the shelter sites or bringing a group to participate in an evening activity.

If you have been involved as a partner and are ready to take the next step and serve as a PACEM Shelter Site, read the Host Shelter Q&A about what this could mean for your faith community.

Questions? Email or call 434-973-1234 ex. 104.