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The core need to operate shelter is SPACE for either 35 men or 15 women to stay for two weeks at a time. Typically these are congregations located on bus routes or in the City. We’d love to be your guest!

PACEM’s Role

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with four full-time staff, one seasonal director, and a contingent of additional seasonal staff to support shelter operations.

We provide the core shelter supplies – mats, cots, linens, and skilled staff – and coordinate services with other agencies like UVA Health, Region Ten CSB, the Department of Social Services, and more.

We are the experts in serving our local neighbors during their crisis of homelessness with compassion and dignity.

YOUR (Host’s) Role

You offer the physical space to site our shelter for two weeks at a time. You identify what spaces are to be used (and which are off-limits), organize volunteers to serve dinners and provide other supports like evening activities.

You are the experts about your building and volunteers, and passionate about loving our neighbors.

You Are Not Alone In Service!

Partners expand your volunteer base to ensure hosting is possible. Some churches don’t have the space to offer, or are too far from the City center to make hosting feasible. Their eager congregants will bring dinner and support other needs in your space during your two-week commitment.

Sponsors expand our financial base to ensure shelter operations are fulfilling and meaningful to everyone involved: guests, especially! Their outreach and mercy committees help fund special purchases for operations and guest housing efforts.

PACEM staff will help connect you to both partners and sponsors as needed. We will train your group and remain available throughout the hosting process to troubleshoot and problem-solve.

All Key Volunteers must attend a fall training. This covers the nuts and bolts of hosting including logistical concerns and “what-if” scenarios. This is a great opportunity to connect with other hosts, too!

We offer virtual or in-person training for your volunteer teams to address the critical questions of who our guests are and how we help them leave shelter successfully.

Let’s Start the Process

Read the Hosting Overview One-Pager to get a better idea of what hosting entails.

PACEM’s staff and Board are available for small or large-group discussions as part of your congregation’s leadership meeting, outreach planning, or worship service.

Questions? Email

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