Individuals: Get Involved

Most of our volunteers give time through their faith community, but there are also opportunities to contribute to PACEM as an individual or family.

2009-11-12-19-19-26Many of our shelter partners appreciate an extra hand during their hosting period. You can help by preparing a meal or simply serving one, or by spending time with our guests after they eat and before they go to bed. This need is the greatest during the holiday season. Not only is it the hardest time of the year for our homeless neighbors, but our congregational sites struggle to find enough volunteers. To help please contact us at

If you would like to sponsor a gathering to support PACEM, something as simple as a bowl of chili can bring your neighbors together.  While you enjoy a steaming bowl, a fire, and the community of friends, take up a collection for those who would otherwise go without a warm meal and shelter. A few years back, collections between friends and neighborhoods allowed us to extend our season, and we are seeking to expand our shelter season again this year. For information about collecting for PACEM, e-mail our Executive Director.

Make a small donation as an individual or in honor of your family.  $30 provides a safe place to spend the night and opens the door for individuals to believe they can move on from the crisis of homelessness. Donate online.

Your time can help PACEM through administrative support such as data entry or helping with newsletter mailings at the our office. E-mail the Executive Director or call at 434-973-1234 ex. 104 to find out more.

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