How to support PACEM during the Covid-19 pandemic

How to support PACEM during the Covid-19 pandemic

PACEM is continuing to shelter approximately 20 men a night during the current pandemic. We continue to stretch our services beyond the regular season at the Key Rec Center.

Sheltering in the midst of this crisis has resulted in many alterations of our services for us and our guests. More than a dozen of our male guests were transitioned to a nearby hotel over a month ago, as a preemptive measure, to provide better distancing and reduce possible exposures in the congregate setting.

Those guests remain at the hotel for at least a few more weeks, as do almost ten women. However, there are only 30 available rooms and new as well as returning female guests are contacting our continuum for shelter. As a result, we recently reopened our overnight women’s shelter. The shelter will remain open at least through the end of June.

Seasonal staff and volunteers continue to amaze and many of our guests have stepped up as well by meeting the requirements to sanitize and social distance. We are still providing dinner and a safe place to sleep seven nights a week to our homeless guests. Our case managers are still working hard to keep folks housed, and get more into stable housing.

If you would like to help, please consider donating financially to support the costs of this extension of services. PACEM is also in need of basic supplies like hand sanitizer, gloves, cleaning wipes, and other assorted cleaning products. Donations of bottled water are also valued. Please contact us here if you are able to contribute.

There are also opportunities to volunteer during this crisis. If you would like to partner with a local restaurant to supply our guests dinner please let us know. If you have any questions contact Jayson Whitehead. And please stay safe!