How to support PACEM during the Covid-19 pandemic

How to support PACEM during the Covid-19 pandemic

PACEM’s men’s shelter ended our stay at the Key Rec on June 10th, bringing to a close an 11-week stay at the downtown gymnasium. Thankfully, an additional 20 rooms are still being funded by the city at the current hotel site so that all of those at our men’s shelter were able to safely transition from Key Rec for at least thirty days.

On June 10, PACEM began staffing the hotel to provide more structure and safety to the approximately 50 homeless individuals staying there. In addition, our case managers visit the hotel on a regular basis to continue our guests’ path to housing.

As there were initially a limited number rooms available at the hotel, we continued to offer emergency overnight shelter for women at a local congregational site through the end of June. However, more hotel rooms were made available which allowed us to close congregate shelter for the summer.

The hotel option was established by our community to provide a safer space for homeless individuals with a higher risk of acquiring the coronavirus. This option is likely to extend well into the fall.

If you would like to help, please consider supporting the cost of a night’s worth of meals for the individuals at the hotel from a local restaurant. If you have any questions contact Jayson Whitehead. And please stay safe!