What is SOAR?

SOAR stands for Social Security Outreach, Access, and Recovery. Certified workers can use the SOAR process to submit disability claims for individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness. In exchange for some leg-work up front, using this process helps expedite the time to decision and increases the likelihood of an award.

Beneficiaries and Impact

PACEM has assisted 14 individuals so far with disability claims, with an approval rate of 80%. These efforts have brought $39,212 (backpay) plus ongoing monthly disbursements of more than $8,856 into our local community – and ensuring our most vulnerable neighbors have a source of regular income. Check out the 2022 national and state SOAR outcomes.

“PACEM gave me my life back.”

— A SOAR client who, at 30, was facing life in a nursing home.

Support SOAR efforts

PACEM has had one certified SOAR worker on staff since 2019. Unfortunately, that’s not all she does – completing disability claims using this process is an “add-on” to more extensive duties. (That’s how it is for most SOAR workers across the Commonwealth!)

Take Action! How PACEM can help you

Our capacity for full SOAR claims is limited to our active shelter guests.

We can offer you a one-time consultation to support your effort, with or without another case worker. These 30-minute consultations:

  • Review the disability claims process
  • Highlight critical steps
  • Review your existing materials or diagnoses, if applicable

Dear Colleague: SOAR with us!

We can’t recommend this certification strongly enough. SOAR training offers an in-depth knowledge of the claims process and a cohort of SOAR-certified colleagues within our region who are there to cheer you on, do quality review, and brainstorm about claims. We would love to have you join the team!