PACEM volunteers gear up for the winter shelter season

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — On Thursday evening, volunteers from PACEM gathered together to celebrate the upcoming shelter season, as well as go through an orientation.

PACEM, or People and Congregations Engaged in Ministry, help the less fortunate find a place to sleep during the winter months. The group also helps people find permanent places to live. Last year, PACEM helped 69 people find permanent homes.

This year, PACEM will keep its shelters open for an additional two and a half weeks. Organizers say that they are very excited about the additional days.

“There’s such a huge need for the homeless community, and it’s still typically pretty cold in Charlottesville around early to mid-April, so we thought it was important that we extend our shelter as much as we could,” said Shayla Givens, a board member for PACEM.

For more information, visit the PACEM main page.