Women’s Shelter Season Expansion

This year, PACEM is planning to extend our shelter season! Typically, our season begins at the end of October and runs through the middle of April, a total of 24 weeks each year. Recently, however, the PACEM Board of Directors decided to expand the shelter season for our female guests through the Spring and into the Summer.

Extending the women’s shelter will give our female guests safety from the streets and more time and care to support their transition to self-sufficiency. However, each additional week of shelter costs around $2,000 so we need your support.

For every night of shelter, we need to compensate the good work of our seasonal staff. Alongside the compassionate and generous work of our volunteers, we require the following:

  1. one intake worker who accompanies our guest to the shelter site;
  2. one overnight security person;
  3. a bus driver to take our guests to and from shelter;
  4. a shelter director to oversee the whole evening process;
  5. and, of course, our case manager and executive director will also be working additional hours.

Your support has always been the reason we are able to provide our homeless neighbors with shelter and compassionate support.  If you are able to support this expansion – even in part – please do. If you are unable to do so but know someone who can contribute, please relay this information to them. Contact Executive Director Jayson Whitehead at jayson@pacemshelter.org for more information.